Redfly Mobile Companion Laptop, £308.14

Smartphones have laptop power in a pocket-size design. But the pocket-size design has a natural limitation in the size of the keyboard and screen.

Celio Corp extends the Smartphone with the most valuable features of a laptop. Works with Windows Mobile 5, 6 and 6.1 devices.

The Redfly Mobile Companion is a sleek clamshell design that includes an 8-inch display, a full function keyboard, and a touchpad mouse.

Measuring just 1x6x9 inches and only 2 pounds, the Redfly Mobile Companion offers over 8 hours of battery life and boots instantly! It also adds three new features - instant VGA output, access to USB flash drives, and the ability to charge your smartphone via USB.

Redfly is very unique - it changes the resolution of your smartphone display so that applications, web sites, email, and attachments all have more room to play!

Setup is simple; you load the Redfly Interface Driver on your compatible smartphone and connect via USB or Bluetooth.

No configuration required and no settings to choose. Redfly unleashes the computer in your smartphone!

Celio Corp has developed the REDFLY Smartphone Interface System - it wirelessly extends the smartphone to a larger display, full keyboard, mouse and USB ports.

Any application on the smartphone is shown instantly on the new display without modification or synchronization.

Available for fast-track implementation, smartphones can connect to a Redfly enabled mobile companion device, desktop station, public display, or conference room projector for easy access to email, attachments, web browsing and business applications.

Because the Redfly settings and all data remains on the smartphone, displays can be shared amongst users without risk of data loss or security breach.

The Red Mobile Companion is on sale at Expansys for only £308.14 excluding delivery.