Sapphire PI-AM2RS780G

As we have seen lately, AMD has been releasing "Platforms" geared towards different types of users in the market.

We have already seen the "Spider Platform" - a system comprised of one of AMD's quad-core Phenom processors, a 38xx series video card, and the 790FX chipset motherboard - which is aimed at the enthusiast and gaming market.

So, what is Team Green planning for the mainstream market, you ask? Well, the CPU giant has been hard at work developing the "Cartwheel Platform", which is meant for more casual computer users - those who game a little bit, but primarily use their PC's for e-mail, Web surfing, and Office-type applications.

The 780G motherboard-based Cartwheel can take advantage of a wide range of AMD's desktop CPU's - from single to quad-core - and is rounded out by the motherboard's integrated graphics processor (IGP), offering consumers a highly customizable system that can provide a very nice price to performance ratio.

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