Seattle based “Spam King” Goes Behind The Bars For Almost 4 Years

Robert Soloway, popularly known as “Spam King”, is sentenced to 47 months of prison, for distributing millions of junk mails to users, after an extraordinarily long sentence hearing of almost thirty six hours in the US District Court for the Western District of Washington in Seattle.

He is charged with a number of allegations including- email fraud, spamming, and tax evasion- and is also penalised with a fine worth USD 708, 000.

However, federal prosecutors were demanding an extended prison sentence of seven to nine years, in what may be seen as a lesson for online offenders, but due to certain ambiguities in anti spam laws, Judge Marsha Pechman couldn’t extend the prison-term from more than 47 months.

Prosecutors stated that Soloway used to sell spamming software under the name of Newport Internet Marketing, using a program called Dark Mailer that sends advertising messages to the users, and he minted more than USD 700, 000 during the span of last three years.

However Soloway’s lawyer Richard Troberman argued that his client should be treated with more leniencies, as unlike other spammers Soloway didn’t send malicious website codes or pornography links to email users.