Tiscali Sues BT Over Customer Poaching Attempts

Italian ISP Tiscali has taken legal action against BT for sending defamatory letter to Tiscali’s customers in the UK.

Tiscali has started off a legal war against BT after the company sent letters to Tiscali’s customers that questioned the future of Tiscali and asked them to shift to BT.

Earlier, Tiscali had announced its intention to sell its broadband division; the story about the customer poaching was leaked in January 2008.

The letters used the E!Reg headline “Tiscali chief plots sell-off”, and suggested to the Tiscali customers that they should be concerned about their Broadband services offered by Tiscali and that BT would provide them a more secure future and a better broadband service.

Tiscali claims that the letters were misleading and has sued BT on the grounds of for “defamation and malicious falsehood”.

BT defends itself and says that it is a legal and reasonable business tactic to obtain more customers.

BT also made it clear that it did not use the data from its Openreach or Wholesale division to aim for the Tiscali customers but the information came from third party resources.