After iPhone, Is It High Time For A Macbook Touch?

After an admirable iPhone launch, rumour mills about Apple launching a touch screen laptop, Macbook touch, started buzzing with the claims of an informer from Macdailynews.

Macbook touch may include Macbook sized screen with touch screen feature, and is expected to hit the floor in October this year.

The rumour is also linked with the recent statement of Oppenheimer, Apple’s CFO, in its quarterly conference, where he hinted that the company has certain innovative products in pipeline.

The informer also purported that the company bought the P.A. Semi for the same purpose, and the new device may incorporate ‘haptic technology’ from Immersion.

Besides the touch screen addition, the new device is also reported to include several other iPhone features including- Global Positioning System (GPS), an accelerometer, DVD-RW drive- and will be compatible with all standard Mac applications.

However, the industry experts are of the view that Macbook touch would be an entrant into the already known segment of tablet PCs, which is still said to be in its nascent stage in the industry.