Electronic Giants To Develop Consumer-Oriented Wireless HD Technology

The consortium of electronic giants, including - Sony, Samsung, Hitachi, Motorola, and Sharp, have pledged to join forces for adopting wireless transmission of high-definition (HD) video signals in home.

In collaboration with the Israeli company Amimon, which will provide Wireless Home Digital Interface (WHDI) technology for the purpose, the companies have created a special interest group that would develop the technology this year.

WHDI has the capability of separating the broadcasted data into relevant and less-relevant categories, but it doesn’t support compression of the data, which is required for viewing it.

Mentioning the significance of the technology, Naom Geri, Amimom’s VP for Marketing said, “If you have a TV in the home, that TV will be able to access any source in the home, whether it’s a set-top box in the living room, or the Play Station in the bedroom, or a DVD player in another bedroom. That’s the message of WHDI.”

The differentiation of data by the current technology actually degrades quality of the picture, with increasing space between the devices.

Sony and Samsung are already said to be developing the much talked WirelessHD; the electronic behemoths consider WHDI as a stopgap technology, till the former comes on board.