Flexible Working – restoring the life/work balance

Flexible working is becoming more popular as the emphasis on quality of life gathers pace. Today the technology is now widely available to facilitate this trend.

According to recent UK Government figures (PDF documents), over 5% of the workforce, is believed to work from home at least one day a week.

While this might seem a small amount, it still represents an improvement on what the workforce configuration a decade ago.

This was given renewed impetus when regulations were introduced giving the right to parents with children under six or with disabled children under 18 to request flexible working.

Both employers and staff can reap the benefits, as long as they set themselves up properly for success.

When an employer agrees to flexible working, he has to provide the employee with exactly the same working equipment and conditions at home as in the office.

Web 2.0 enables people to use web technology to share work and collaborate with disparate teams in different locations, The possibilities become endless.

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