Gold'en Rant : Windows Patches Disable Vista Restore Functionality

I hate Tuesdays. Not because of anything work-related, but due to Microsoft's patches being released on that day.

Last Tuesday's was a routine one, or so I thought, as I dutifully ran the updates on my Vista laptop and desktop (Dell and Acer, respectively) and then on Wednesday, updated my ABF Email backup software.

This handy utility backs up my email files from Outlook Express and Outlook to my server every night and, I have to say, has been a life-saver on several occasions.

Unfortunately the updates caused problems with my Google news floating taskbar so - no problem - I'll run Restore.

Except that the Restore function had been disabled on both Vista machines the week before last by the mega-update that Microsoft rolled out on July 19.

I then had to manually delete all the Microsoft updates, step by step, over the last two Tuesdays, to get my Google desktop news panel operational.

Three hours it took me in total. What a pain.

Anyway, I learned my lesson - *always* do a manual Restore save point before running any updates, including Microsoft's patch Tuesday updates, and make sure the Restore function is still on.

I'm beginning to wonder if Microsoft has lost the plot with its updates, or is just employing idiot savant programmers. Back in the 1980s when I used to program (albeit in an eight-bit Unix environment) there was a concept called software quality control.

Typically this involved soak testing the code for at least a week on several machines, before releasing the beta test code to users. Check, check and check again, is my motto on software development.

I think Microsoft have a lot to answer for...