Google Unleashes Knol But Promises Not To Compete With Wikipedia

Adding another smart creation into its huge bunch of online offerings, Google has announced Knol, which offers articles on a number of specific topics.

Knol is said to be comparable with Wikipedia by all means, except for the fact that the latter offers flexibility of anonymous editing of articles while reading, whereas the former will require the original authors to approve any changes thus bringing about accountability.

Knol will allow its users to write article on subjects of their choices and gain recognition.

The authors can also opt to place advertisements alongside their articles, and would share the revenues earned through advertising.

The search engine giant is also collaborating with The New Yorker magazine to let its authors use cartoons from the magazine in their articles.

Speaking about Knol’s competition with Wikipedia, Knol’s product manager Cedric Dupont stated that the difference lies in authorship, and Knol can be used as a reference for various community encyclopaedias.