iPhone Returns In Stock At Carphone Warehouse

iPhone hopefuls finally got some sigh of relief, as Carphone Warehouse has received a huge shipment of the device yesterday according to various sources.

This is said to be the largest consignment of the device since the stores were washed out on 11 July, and the phone would be available in all the 800 stores Carphone Warehouse.

Demand is expected to significantly outstrip supply though and it is difficult to say that for how long the stock would remain there.

Apparently, this massive delivery would also somewhat check the towering prices of the phone on a number of online shopping sites, as the auctioning price of iPhone was reported to be five times higher than that of its original price.

Ironically, O2, which holds the exclusive rights to sell 3G iPhones, is running out of stock, and there is no shipment delivered to it this weekend, whereas, Carphone is ready with a decent stock of the product today.