Narnia Domain Name Returned To CS Lewis Estate After Bitter Battle

A Domain Name might not be a good gift after all especially when it is a copyrighted and well-known one; that's possibly the conclusion that Richard Saville-Smith arrived at after losing to C.S. Lewis (Pte) Ltd, a company that represents CS's Lewis Intellectual Property.

Mr Saville-Smith purchased the domain for his 11-year old son Comrie to be used as his email address and failed to convince the World Intellectual Property Organization that he had purchased it in good faith, without any further intention of profiteering from it.

Interestingly, Saville-Smith also purchased other .mobi domain names, most of which were parked domain names with substantial amounts of advertising on them (although it is unclear whether Saville-Smith is directly benefitting financially from them).

In addition, according to Arstechnica, Saville-smith also registered two Narnia-related domain names (ed : whether he intends to give them out to his son later for his birthdays is doubtful).

The dispute also sheds light on the difficulties that companies encounter when trying to register domain names as there as 280 top level domain names like .com or .net which makes registering domain names (and derivatives) worldwide an arduous, expensive and time consuming task.