Sony E-Reader Is All Set To Cruise In UK

Sony has rolled out its renowned Sony Reader, in the UK market and is available on a pre-order basis from today.

The device which is intended to store and show the electronic books is all set to hit the market with a bang and it will be launched in collaboration with Waterstones Stores.

The e-books are expected to be cheaper than their paper version, and a number of key publishing houses, including- Random House and Penguin, are already transferring their content into ebook format.

Books enlisted in the electronic form include some of the all-time classics, including- Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations, and Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Richard Branson’s Business Stripped Bare, and many more.

Sony Reader has the capability of storing as many as 160 ebooks in its in-built memory, and it weighs around 260 g, however, its storage can be increased with an expandable SD memory card or a Sony Memory Stick.

The device incorporates an electronic display, whose content can be easily seen in direct sunlight, and it is also equipped with text magnifier for people suffering from visual impairment.

Price tag of the device is yet to be announced officially, however, it is expected cost around GBP 199.