What does the channel need to do to raise its game as far as delivering SaaS?

The reseller has got to ask themselves the question – do I want to take on all the requirements for the customer’s infrastructure and if so how do I do this?

Do I take on those extra skill sets or do I want to find a partner to manage it for me?

They also need to take into account all the elements of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and be prepared to prove the business case.

To raise their game the channel needs to plug into the operational culture of their customers and look beyond the IT department to understand how receptive they may be to SaaS.

When it comes to selling a hosted software solution over traditional solutions, the key advantages include faster time to market, the ability for a customer to try the system before they buy.

Also the costs are predictable and can help in reducing head count as well as offering great serviceability as a one stop solution.

It is suitable for any areas where businesses require problem resolutions from CRM to HR.

I believe it is all about choice rather than persuasion and the question is does your customer want to go down the Capital expenditure or Operational expenditure route?

Paying out right for a system and then paying an ongoing maintenances charge is just one option, SaaS offers a different way of paying for IT.

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