Decision time for Gary McKinnon this week

I was concerned to read on the Net yesterday, that this week will see a House of Lords decision on the Gary McKinnon hacking extradition case by the House of Lords.

According to some gloomy weekend news reports, Gazza is being set up for a 60-year prison sentence, but I remain hopeful the House of Lords will see sense in the case, and refuse the extradition on grounds it is against Gazza's best interests.

The Grauniad, meanwhile, say that Gazza was told by the British Plod that "he would probably get a six-month community service order for his exploits."

That was before the US men-in-black got involved, of course.

It now transpires that, when he was arrested back in 2002, the Feds offered Gazza a deal: admit your guilt and get off with three to four years, most of which could be served in the UK.

That's a very tricky offer. Myself, I would probably have done a runner to Spain, or Brazil, or somewhere like that. It really is possible, if you talk to the right people. Allegedly.

Unless you're a Geordie canoeist, of course.

Check out more on Gazza's case - for which I have my fingers firmly crossed - and the Grauniad report here...