A mobile phone exchange in a suitcase

Fascinating to read over on the Textually Web portal about a emergency rescue initiative project that has produced a mobile phone system that weighs just 10 kilos and is transportable.

The Wisecom system routes call to the PSTN via a satellite phone connection, but acts as a local base station for GSM handsets used in its vicinity by emergency workers and selected members of the public.

WISECOM stands for Wireless Infrastructure over Satellite for Emergency Communications, and, says the project leader, Matteo Beriloli, will work just about anywhere in the world.

"The system works anywhere there is satellite coverage, which is to say almost everywhere in the world," he said.

The system routes calls via the Inmarsat BGAN satellite network which covers most places in the world. You can read more on the project and check out some pictures of a test that took place in Germany earlier
this year here.