Nokia losing their marbles – cuts links with BlackBerry

What is Nokia thinking off? Many of their largest and important customers use BlackBerry’s BES as part of their mobile security strategy.

Of course not all employees want a BlackBerry handset so have, until now, been able to be provided a Nokia or Sony Ericsson handset with BlackBerry’s Connect client.

This made the company secretary happy, IT happy and the user happy.

On top of that, at least BB Connect allowed access to GroupWise and Lotus Notes.

This agreement being bust, will mean that many companies will have to give the latest E71 two fingers as they will have no incentive to buy Intellisync in addition to their existing BES.

Come on Nokia, smell the coffee!

iPhone 3G feature wish for the day –
So you have an iPhone app that needs to access Safari, your taken to the web page then want to go back. Without using the home button and restarting the original application, precisely how does the user do that? They can’t. Multi tasking, huh, dream on.