PowerColor HD 4870

A few weeks ago the world was greeted to a sight many people only read about.

The sight I am referring to is the dead coming back to life. No I'm not talking about the next Robert Rodriguez joint. I am talking about the rebirth of ATI and their return to the forefront of PC gaming.

In an event that took the world, and NVIDIA, by surprise ATI unleashed their HD 4800 series of cards upon us. With performance levels far surpassing the previous generation and coming in at a price reserved for lesser cards, is it any wonder ATI was able to return to their former glory overnight?

Today's review comes in the form of the HD 4870 from PowerColor. Armed with 800 stream processors and ridiculously fast DDR5 memory, the PowerColor HD 4870 is ready to take the battle to NVIDIA. Let's jump right in.

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