Prison Authorities To Ban Computer Games For Most Prisoners

As per a recent directive from UK government, most of the UK’s prisoners would be banned from playing computer games; It also bans all prisoners from playing computer games rated 18.

However, prisoners with good track-record and higher privileges, or those who are at suicidal risks, will be allowed to access PlayStation and other games consoles.

In 2007 the government had admitted of spending more than GBP 10,000 on 80 PlayStation consoles and 15 Xboxes for younger offenders, which led to a public out cry.

The prison reform trust also backed the move by saying that the games are “no substitute for purposeful activity like work and education.”

The Prison Service Instruction Number 32/2008 have mandated that the governors should make sure that all games consoles must be purchased from prisoner’s own expense, instead of public’s funds; the respective guidelines will come into force by 30 September.

The measures will inspire the prisoners to show positive behaviour, in order to earn access to games consoles, report added.