Record your TV programs anywhere, free!

For UK & Ireland residents who use Sky's Satellite TV service and have a Sky+/Sky HD box, you can record your favourite shows to record where ever you are in the world using just your mobile.

Sky offer two free of charge services that let you set your Sky recording schedule from your mobile phone.

Remote Record Application:

The easiest to use is the Sky remote record application, compatible with most Java enabled handsets and Symbian smart phone phones. This replicates the Sky TV guide used on the Sky boxes, so it lets you see up coming program schedule and even provides a brief overview of episodes. Best of all, just click record on the program you want and a request is sent automatically to your Sky box to record.

Remote Record Text:

If you don't have a compatible mobile phone, then Sky offer a text message based service that lets you send text messages to your Sky box to record shows. However using this service there are a couple of points to bare in mind:

1) It won't show you a TV schedule or program brief.

2) It costs 25p/€0.50 per text message

3) If you don't know the date, time, channel of the show then Sky can send you a list, but that costs an additional 25p/€0.50.

Getting Started:

First register an account with Sky on their website here. Make sure you have your Sky viewing card number (found on the back of your Sky viewing card).

Next on your Sky+/HD box press the "Interactive" button and select "Sky Active" from the options. Then pick the following options:

"Products" followed by "Remote Record"

Select "Register Users" and fill in the details for all the users who want to use the service.

Each registed mobile will then be sent a text message with a link to download the Remote Record application.

If it fails, you can download the application manually by visting this URL from your phones browser:

Once you've downloaded and installed the program, just log in and your away. Its incredibly easy once setup.

For those of you who want to manage your recording schedule from a PC, Sky also have a Flash based interface that works from any device connected to the internet that supports Flash. It can be found here.

Sky by mobile

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