Scientists Demand Refurbishment Of British Computing Sanctuary at Bletchley Park

A group of around 100 computer scientists have sent a letter to The Times, demanding an immediate action from the authorities to save the Bletchley Park.

The park played a crucial role in the battle against Nazi Germany during the Second World War, as it served as a location for deciphering German messages, and thereby helped in controlling the Nazi activities to a great extent.

The letter pointed out that the condition of the park is rapidly deteriorating, primarily owing to negligence in maintenance from the respective authorities, and emphasised the demand for an appropriate investment to save it from deteriorating any further.

Calling for the immediate action, the letter reads, “The future of the site, buildings, resources and equipment at Bletchley Park must be preserved for future generations by providing long-term financial backing.”

The scientists have also proposed that the park should be developed as a ‘national museum of computing’, imparting information about Britain’s first ever programmable computers.