UK’s SAP User Group Goes Awry To Recent Rise In Support Price

SAP user group in UK showed its reluctance to the recently announced price hike in software support services to its customers, in a rather gloomy economic environment.

The group has spurred its German counterpart to revisit the declared plans, as the new cost structure may increase the onus on them, by adding an additional 30 percent to the contract value to its members.

The announcement indicates an increase of 17 to 22 percent over and above the existing contract value, which would be applicable to all the new customers with immediate effect, and will be extended to entire SAP users of UK by 2012.

In response to the price hike, chairman for SAP user group in UK, Alan Bowling said, “We understand if SAP is to provide more comprehensive support then it has to charge more for it. However, many of our members may not want or need this extra level of support”.

Bowling also stated that the new support services are sized appropriately and showed his scepticism about the utility of new services for small and medium-sized enterprises.