Yahoo! Bid Failure Causes Yet Another Casualty As Microsoft Online Chief Exits After 16 Years

Kevin Johnson, the seasoned Microsoft chief leaves the company, after its USD47.5 billion offer to buy Yahoo! is put off the table once again.

The startling news of Mr. Johnson's departure was announced by Microsoft last week along with the details of major restructuring in the company, by splitting platform and services division, headed by Johnson.

The veteran, who joined Microsoft in 1992, became the President of Microsoft Group's Platform and Service division in 2005, and serving at the same position since then.

All the subsidiaries of the erstwhile division which Kevin handled, such as Windows/Windows Live and Online Services will now be reporting directly to Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s chief executive.

A statement issued by Ballmer said that the new structure is expected to give agility and focus in key competitive areas.

The group, led by Johnson, reported a loss of $488 million, despite of the fact that revenues of the company are soaring at 24 percent.

Johnson has now joined, as a chief executive at Juniper Networks, a silicon valley-based network equipment maker.