Britons Lose Human Touch As Phone And Email Take Over, Says BT Survey

A recent survey from BT has revealed that as many as 25 percent of Britons prefer, talking on phone and emailing, over face-to-face interaction.

The communication giant has published a report named “21st Century Life Index”, which talks about change in people’s attitude and behaviour towards changing trends of technology over the past decade.

As per the report, Brits are spending an average six hours a week on internet, and their activities across the net are spreading out remarkably.

Out of 2000 people surveyed, 44 percent are accessing the web from their homes, against 14 percent 10 years ago, and more that half of them have done online purchases in last three months.

The awareness towards online frauds have also risen accordingly, and around 28 percent people wished for a more secured web-surfing; however, online frauds is not the major cause for people staying offline, as only 2 percent of them have supported the fact.

Social-networking sites are getting popular in UK, as about 25 percent of its citizens have admitted a regular use of these sites.