Defective Nvidia GPUs Found In Dell Laptops

Issues with Nvidia next generation GPUs, G84 and G86 are becoming acute with every passing day, and after hitting HP, the problems have now extended to Dell laptops.

As many as ten models of Dell laptops have been reported with GPU malfunctioning, which can potentially affect the performance of the system on a whole.

According to the company, “the issue includes weak die/packaging material set, which may fail with GPU temperature fluctuations”, and this failure may lead to many problems including- multiple images, appearance of blurring lines on the screen, no videos, and random and peculiar characters on screen.

Dell suggested flashing the system’s BIOS can be an optimum solution, as it will help in regulating the temperature fluctuations by modifying the fan profile.

Nvidia has already declared the issues last month, and stated that the problem is restricted to HP laptops only, but with GPU troubles striking Dell this time, the viability of its G84 and G86 chips has been questioned, and its other users, including, Apple and Asus, have all the reasons to have concerns about their devices.

This latest debacle may be a boon for the AMD/ATI team is the only viable alternative to Nvidia and caps a pretty dismal quarter for the graphics-only company which saw its GPU being outclassed by ATI's latest offerings.