Freecom Debuts World's Tiniest 2.5-inch External Hard Drive, only just

The Freecom Mobile Drive XXS is said to be the world's smallest and lightest 2.5-inch external hard drive currently available weighing only 155g and measuring just 110mm x 80mm x 14mm, that's (very) roughly the size and weight of an iPhone.

Freecom says that it is 27 percent smaller than its closest rival which might not be totally true... This 2.5-inch HDD enclosure on Ebay measures 125mm x 74mm x 13mm and costs a mere £4.

The XXS is available in capacities ranging from 160GB to 320GB and is compatible with both Mac and PCs although it is still relying on USB 2.0 (rather than Firewire).

The storage device will be priced from £45 to £80 at the usual outlets although we reckon the price will certainly be cheaper.

And unless you are a die hard geek, it will be less labour intensive for you to opt for Freecom's solution rather than buy and build your own external hard disk drive.