Microsoft woos Open Source market by funding Apache

Microsoft has decided to fund the Apache software foundation that is responsible for open source projects like PHP, Linux and MySQL

Microsoft has long been considered to be against Open Source software, but recently, it has started to soften its views about it.

It has never been more apparent than with Microsoft’s sponsorship of Apache Software foundation.

Apache software foundation supports open projects like PHP, Linux, MySQL etc.

Director of platform strategy at Microsoft, Sam Ramji, declared that Microsoft has become a Platinum sponsor of Apache, according to which Microsoft will pay at least £50,000 to the foundation.

It is known that the majority of web servers are using Apache software rather than Microsoft's Internet Information Server.

However, Ramji stated that Microsoft will not give up on IIS and the plans are to install PHP support and more state of the art features.

In the year 2002 Microsoft had sued Apache for patent infringement but after Apache’s support of Microsoft's Open XML formats and the chances that Apache’s software could work wonders on Windows has seemed to have changed Microsoft’s stance.

Microsoft has also made an open source promise called Open Specification Promise, under which Microsoft would release a few of its communication protocols for the developers.

Microsoft has also released a patch for its ADOdb and with this patch, PHP can run on Microsoft’s SQL servers.