Nokia iPhone 3G killer – no teeth?

Thanks to for the latest Nokia Tube images. I’m still wiping the tears of laughter away.

Can this really be Nokia’s answer to the iPhone or just a quick cludge to get a touch user interface into the market?

Whilst their 7710 was not ideal, at least it had an amazing amount of functionality and potential, and Opera Mini is a dream to use on it.

Yet the Nokia Tube, allegedly to be released for the Christmas push, lacks any of the sophisticated look of the Apple iPhone; I’m sure I saw the menu on Alcatel’s One Touch Com of 1998. This is not how Nokia should be fighting back.

Hopefully the images are faked, but if not 2009 will not be a happy time for 2008’s biggest handset manufacturer.

iPhone 3G feature wish for the day

Come on Apple, my Siemens S1 Marathon can forward text messages. A FOURTEEN year old handset has a function that was thought of before SMS was a glimmer of a pre pay eye so why the blazes has the iPhone 3G not got it!