Online Crime Maps – A New Interactive Way to Make Streets Safer

Britain to take on crime through interactive mapping system that would highlight the concentration of crimes committed to the residents

Local crime information regarding assaults, muggings, and burglaries in towns and villages across England and Wales are to be made accessible to the residents through Google maps like mapping system, as per the Home Office plans.

Miss Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary revealed the move on her visit to the Brierley Police Station in the West Midlands where she inspected a demonstration of local crime maps in action.

Crime maps will be published by all police forces in England and Wales, by the end of this year, and they will be updated every month.

Presented in a "meaningful way”, these maps will show the most crime-ridden as well as the safest areas in the two states, as these maps are to provide the households, with the details of every crime taking place in every neighborhood.

According to Smith, the public is the best weapon to fight crime. Interactive up-to-date crime maps can help people to be informed about the law and order problems coming up in their area, so that they can demand action, and help the police to address the same.

However, as per The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors this step could affect house prices in areas being identified as blighted by crime and anti-social behavior.