Software Selection Process Can be a Minefield, Why Make it More Complicated

Whether selecting software, an advertising agency or building a new terminal, we would all like to feel that we have examined all the options, from every angle and eventually chosen the best solution to suit our needs at the most competitive price.

In practice trying to cover all bases often leads to so much confusion that we stay with the supplier or brand with which we are familiar or lengthen the selection process to such a degree that the solution we originally sought is no longer relevant because the requirement has evolved.

We need to be better buyers with a better process for achieving what we want faster.

The selection process starts with identifying the need. It seems logical that the next step should be to draw up a brief.

Any marketing guru will tell you that what sells is ‘benefits’, what the product will do, rather than just its features.

For instance security systems are bought for ‘peace of mind’ not the equipment itself. A brief should work in the same way asking; what are you looking for the product to do, what problems should it solve – what benefits you expect the new solution to deliver?

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