AT&T Knocks on FCC’s Doors to Stop Sprint-Nextel Merger with Clearwire

AT&T has urged the Federal Communication Commission (FCC), communication regulation authority of US, to reject the proposed merger of Sprint-Nextel with Clearwire.

The USD14.5 billion merger is supported by Google and Intel, as well as some of the key cable operators of US including- Comcast, Bright House Networks, and Time Warner- are also funding the merger.

The amalgamation is said to provide high speed broadband wireless networks across the nation, and the operation is scheduled to launch in Baltimore, later this year, and the joint venture (JV) aims at building a gigantic 30 million customer base by 2017.

AT&T argued that the proposal has explicitly stated to offer competition to nationwide wireless operators, but it is failed to make the much essential showings required for commission’s reconsideration.

AT&T is primarily concerned about the amount of bandwidth the team will use in the 2.5 GHz band, which is at present allocated for municipal organizations and non-profit agencies.

However, AT&T has denied opposing the deal, but called for uniform set of rules for all ISPs.