ZFactura 2008 vol 2

Create your own quotes and invoices and report your income and expenses.

ZFactura is a invoicing software for self-employed workers and small companies. You will have access to the following files: items (products and services), Vendors, Vendor invoices, Customers, Quotations, Customer invoices, Corrective invoices, and recurring billing.

You can create your own quotes and then invoice them afterwards with a simple click.

You can configure your taxes, name and value, for support VAT, IVA, IGIC, IPSI. ZFactura is available in English, Espanol, Catala.

Among other important functions, you can configure different invoice and quotation models/templates with a built-in report builder.

You can obtain benefit reports on your income and expenses. ZFactura supports Windows XP and Vista themes. Version 2008 vol 2 recurring billing is supported.

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