ASUS TOP 512MB GeForce 9600GT Graphics Card

The video card market has been an active place this year, with NVIDIA and ATI launching something new more often than I recall in recent years.

The performance and the speeds of the components are reaching new highs on a regular basis, which is a good thing for two types of buyers. Those who insist on owning cutting edge hardware have something new to look forward to quite often, and those who want solid performance at a more reasonable price can count on what was hot becoming much cheaper rather quickly.

The promotional image above provides a quick look at the subject of this review, the ASUS TOP 512MB GeForce 9600GT graphics card.

Based on my description of the recent developments in computer graphics, this card would fall into the second category. The technology is several months old now, and the price has come down to just over the $100 mark.

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