Bebo Tries To Tap Extra-Terrestrial Market With Radio Signals

In what suspiciously looks like a PR Stunt, social networking website Bebo has partnered with production firm RDF Television (the guys behind "Shipwrecked" and "Wifeswap") to kickstart a project called A Message from Earth.

A Ukranian radio telescope, RT-70, normally used to track alien objects on a collision course with the Earth will be used for that matter (ed : let's hope there's none coming our way while the project is ongoing) and will beam 500 messages from the 12 million or so Bebo users into space.

The project which will be launched on 4th of August, will be aimed at Gliese 581c - a star 20 light years (or 120 trillion miles) from Earth and one of the potential candidates for life in the Universe at a cost of £20,000.

Whether the aliens will respond favourably or not to Bebo's messages remains to be seen; by the time the target ressages receives the radio waves in spring 2029, things might turn out to be quite different on our own planet.

RDF Television has also announced that it would be developing a TV programme based around the idea (ed : Big brother ET? Men vs Women, Venus vs Mars? Spaceshipwrecked?)