Canadians being hit harder by Internet crime

Interesting report on the Canadian newswires that Canadians are now more likely to be victims of crime on the Net than in the real world.

Normally I take these sorts of surveys with a pinch of salt, but this one was carried by the Canadian Association of Police Boards.

Argh - the Plod - and mounted Plod at that.

The survey - which took place earlier this year - found that almost half of the respondents had been victims of e-crime, and 70 per cent said they didn't both reporting the incident(s).

The problem, says Ian Wilms, head of the Canadian Association of Police Boards, is getting worse.

"You lock your door at night time, but people don't, when online, just take the 30 seconds to update the security patches on their computer," he said.

You can read more on the survey in the Calgary Herald here...