Dell PowerEdge R905 Server Sixteen Core AMD Server, only £6,389

This is a High performance server for the most demanding and business critical applications.

Think you will never need as many cores for your business? Think again... From web server to number crunching, the R905 represents fantastic value for money..

The Dell PowerEdge R905 was designed for architected performance and streamlined virtualisation deployment.

It's fine-tuned to provide virtualisation performance with an ideal formula of processor technology, memory capacity, and I/O scalability.

Featuring up to 2x the memory and I/O scalability of the previous generation standard 4U 4-socket servers, the PowerEdge R905 helps remove the barriers to running memory and I/O-bound applications like VMware's ESX server.

The PowerEdge R905 also allows you to start migrating real virtual machines within a few clicks of a mouse, streamlining deployment in virtualised environments.

The proposed Poweredge R905 comes with four Quad Core AMD Opteron 8436HE running at 1.8GHz with a 55w power envelop.

It comes with a 3Yr ProSupport for IT and 4hr Mission Critical support, 16GB DDR2 memory as standard as well as a 73GB 15krpm SAS hard disk drive.

The server is available Direct from Dell for only £6,389 excluding VAT and delivery