Facebook Scraps Scrabulous Application Over Copyright Struggle With Hasbro

In what seems to be the re-enactment of a Goliath vs David fight, Facebook has been forced to take down the popular word game Scrabulous from its North American websites after Hasbro launched a legal battle against the creators of the application.

A terse message saying that the game has been removed until further notice has been displayed for Scrabulous users accessing the social networking site in Canada and America; although some news outlets report that the developer voluntarily removed it.

The previous week, Facebook received a Digital Millennium Copyright Notice from Mattel.

RJ Softwares' Rajat Agarwalla and Jayant Agarwalla did not have the Game giant permission to launch Scrabulous with Hasbro saying that Scrabulous abused fundamental aspects of the Scrabble game including its name and infringed its intellectual property.

Hasbro has just released a Facebook version of Scrabble, which is jointly owned by Mattel and Hasbro, and might explain why it wants to quash the competition.

Scrabulous is one of the most popular Facebook applications with an estimated 15 million people playing it online every month.