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Future Of BBC’s Mobile TV Seems Shady

After the dismal trial run of BBC’s Mobile TV, BBC Trust is not sure whether to keep the service, update it, or remove it completely.

Last year BBC had introduced its Mobile TV service free of cost over Orange, T Mobile, Vodafone and 3 networks on trial, however, only 580 viewers used the service per day.

The low number of viewers has been very disappointing to the BBC and to add to that, the TV industry has not been happy about the fact that BBC gave off the service for free.

The mobile TV allowed viewers to see BBC’s channel One, Three and News 24; Since BBC is run from tax payer’s money, the TV industry considered it to be an unfair leverage for BBC, because of which there is no competition.

The BBC Trust is to consider the future of its Mobile TV service after analysing all the complaints against it.

Present reports suggest that the service could be allowed to continue as it is.

The Trust expected to consider the fact that mobile services are key in presenting it services before a younger market.