Gartner Predicts 25 Percent Households With Broadband Connection By 2012

According to a recent survey from Gartner, as many as 25 percent households worldwide will have broadband connection by 2012.

As of last year figures, 323 million homes are connected via broadband, which forms 18 percent of total number of households, and it is expected to reach 499 million by 2012.

UK currently has 58 percent of broadband penetration, and the coverage is likely to increase to 74 percent in next four years, and is expected to hit the 9th spot in the list of most wired nations.

Currently- Holland, Switzerland, Canada, Hong Kong, and South Korea- are the only nations with more than 60 percent broadband connections at home, and will continue to be the forerunners in future, the survey predicted.

Amanda Sabia, Gartner’s principal analyst, stated that the broadband penetration will increase in geographically bigger markets, as heavily penetrated regions are already saturated with rudimentary broadband services, and they are more inclined towards new applications and content on internet.