Generation Y Seems Tricky For Companies Technology-wise, Says Survey

Generation Y is turning out to be the most difficult to understand audience by most of the companies today, a recent survey by Forrester Research revealed.

Generation Y comprises of youngsters aged 18-to-28 years, are more inclined towards new technologies than any other age-group, with almost 90 percent of them having PCs, and 82 percent using mobile phones regularly, the survey reported.

People from this group spends more time on internet than watching TVs, and as many as 72 percent of them are indulged in messaging activities via phone, the study added.

The new generation is far engrossed into technology than their predecessors, Generation X- aged 29-to-42 years- who uses technology only for their lifestyle needs and routine jobs.

Charles Golvin, Forrester Research’s principal analyst stated that the Generation Y group is the most tricky to understand audience for companies, and their significance can’t be neglected for future revenue growth.

Gen Y people are also branded as ‘YouTube generation’ or ‘Millenials’.