HANNspree Xm-S Verona W22 monitor

When looking for a quality monitor, Hannspree is probably not a name that would immediately spring to mind, especially if you live in the UK.

Like Hazro or, these days, Iiyama - how far the mighty have fallen - it's a company that seems to be relegated to the budget end of the market.

If you want a monitor shaped like a basketball or football, then Hannspree is pretty much the only choice (I hope), but what about a more generic display suitable for work and play aimed at those over 12?

Part of the company's new XM Style series, the Verona pretty much fits that bill. Unlike the 19in models in the same range, the Verona doesn't feature fake wood (Boston), fake metal (New York), or hideous fake… goo (Glaze) finishes.

As the only model above that size at 22in, the Verona is thankfully executed in the always-attractive piano black - which is a good thing considering its apparent lack of stand-out features.

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