Microsoft Attempts To Prove That Vista Isn’t Bad With The Mohave Project

Windows Vista currently has a reputation which is not quite what Microsoft expected when it first introduced it; the operating system got a lukewarm reception from its users and had thus got a negative status, or so everyone thought.

Microsoft, in a rather unprecedented move showed that the Windows Vista is nothing but a victim of idle talk; though the method employed by Microsoft was a bit unconventional.

The company invited 120 users of popular operating systems like Mac, Linux, XP and Windows 2000 who were against Vista to come and test the operating system, the coup was that the operating system they tested was actually Vista disguised as a new Operating system named Mojave.

Mojave was run on a simple HP Pavilion DV 2000 with 2GB RAM, still the reviews of Mojave were favourable.

Microsoft has now launched a website that will show the response of the people who tested Mojave.

The answer to the question whether the new campaign by Microsoft will bear fruit for Vista can only be known when the sales figures come in.