Peter Barron Leaves BBC Newsnight Editor Job to Take On Head PR at Google Europe

Peter Barron's move from BBC to Google has left many wondering the real motives behind the career change.

For Barron is leaving his role as Newsnight Editor, one of BBC's flagship programmes, to take on the role of PR chef for UK, Ireland and Benelux (ed: Why Benelux?)

Some are already arguing that he's after the money while BBC could possibly cutting costs since any TV Licensing fee rises would be discounted in this period of economic hardship.

Still, Barron is only jumping the fence and will be in familiar territories since he will still have to interact with his peers and colleagues while working at Google.

In which case he is either the sheep amongst wolves or vice-versa.

Barron will start at Google in one month's time and will report to DJ Collins who will become Google's European PR Supremo.