Vietnamese e-banking site gets hacked

Contrary to what you might think, the comms systems in Vietnam are quite high-tech in the metro areas, although IT security knowledge in the country is reportedly a bit on the patchy side.

Nevertheless, it comes as a surprise to hear that the main portal of Techcombank - Vietnam's Technological Commercial Bank - was hacked late last week

According to the Vietnamnet Bridge newswire, the main interface to the site went offline and a hacker left a few messages, although these quickly disappeared as soon as the bank realised what had happened.

The hacker claims that he discovered a serious flaw with the site but was rebuffed when the told the bank, so he hacked it.

The bank, meanwhile, claims the hacker messages were only online for round 20 minutes and that it suspects the hacker was really a young kid with good intentions.

But has it fixed the security flaw is what we want to know...