Do Vendor Marketing Messages Make Any Real Impact With Potential Customers?

I find that there is often a huge disconnect with the IT vendor marketing messages and hype with what actually interests the customer.

Vendors often offer products and services that are a mismatch to end user’s needs. It never ceases to amaze me that when IT companies send in their people, all too often they have little or no understanding of the customer’s market or business challenges.

When looking for specific solutions companies often look to the IT analyst to shortlist some appropriate IT suppliers as well as talk to their peers, particularly if it is not a competitive topic such as regulatory issues which all organisations need to get to grips with – in this case they are driven to share information.

When choosing a vendor – quite frankly its all about relationships – people buy from people based on what the individuals can do to help customers. It is important to remember that when a sale has been made it’s just the beginning of a relationship and should be approached for the long-term.

Oceanus is a systems integrator and customer management specialist; providing comprehensive document and case management solutions for customer acquisition and customer service environments in Consumer Finance, Telco's and Utility companies.