Making Sense of Data : The Information Conversion Process

Putting information into context – gathering information (PDF document) is one thing, understanding its relevance is another.

For many businesses the process of making informed strategic decisions or multi-million dollar investments is very complex and requires calculated consideration of an array of disparate information.

Easy access to prepared data, market research, detailed analysis and evaluations delivered in a timely manner are all critical to ensuring success.

Data only becomes valuable business intelligence once it has been examined and then interpreted.

However, content compiled in traditional data files cannot provide the context required for making accurate conclusions.

It’s hard to prioritise the content when you simply save it in different text documents and it is also difficult to see the whole picture, especially if one wants to combine structured and unstructured data.

Using business mapping software allows you to both see and demonstrate the subtleties of the intelligence, allowing you to leverage this precious resource.

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