Minuscule Asus EEE Box Desktop PC Faces Tough Competition

It may cost only £199, half the price of some of its competitors like the stylish Dell Studio, but the EEE Box should be well equipped all but the most demanding tasks.

The desktop version of the popular Asus EEE laptop PC will also carry an Intel 1.6GHz Atom processor and will consume a tenth of the power required by a traditional desktop PC - a boon in these times of high energy prices.

The box will also come with a nice stand, 1GB of RAM and a regular spinning 80GB hard disk drive as well as a card reader and wireless connectivity.

Asus claims that "The Eee Box also utilizes Green Design and is made completely from earth-friendly materials for reduced CO2 emissions".

It doesn't come with any peripherals which meant that Asus expects some of the sales to come from users who want to upgrade their old machines.

Two things though that the Taiwanese manufacturer should improve in version 2; the power is provided by an external adaptor - not ideal - and the EEE Box lacks an optical drive; not a problem for the EEE PC laptop but certainly for a desktop bound computer.

The 1KG PC is also expected to come with Windows XP Home Edition and pack a new feature called Express Gate which should quicken the startup process.

Expect others like Acer and MSI to come up with similar products in the forthcoming weeks.