Multimedia Powerhouse Nokia's N96 To Go On Sale On October 1st

The eagerly awaited update to the popular Nokia N95 smartphone is appear on mobile phone vendors shelves on the 1st of October, according to the Mobile phone manufacturer.

The phone will be available on all mainstream networks (except O2 it seems) and comes with a TV Tuner (with a stand), HSDPA/WiFi connectivity, a 5MP digital camera - with Carl Zeiss Optics, GPS function and 16GB memory (which can be augmented by adding a 8GB SD Card).

The 2.8-inch screen won't be a touchscreen one but will come with built in 3D stereo speakers (ed: how will that go down with commuters?) and media keys.

Expect support for Flash, MP4 and WMV through the S60 Symbian OS and the ability to use it as a pseudo-HD digital camcorder.

Also, there's no QWERTY keyboard to play with and the N96 is expected to cost around £400 unlocked.

Note that the N96 is DVB-H only and is therefore not compatible with UK's own DVB-T Freeview format; kudos to Brian for pointing that to us.