New Macbook All Set To Push The Envelope With Size Zero Body, Glass Trackpad

Macbook fans have aired fresh set of rumours on the blogosphere, about the looks and designs of Apple’s much talked about Macbook launch this autumn.

The new rumours suggest that the new notebook series from Apple will be thinner than the prior Macbooks, and will incorporate glass multi-touch trackpads, however, its screen won’t be multi-touch.

The new line of laptops is said to be made up of one piece of aluminium, which will prove to be robust as well as environment friendly, the manufacturing process is also said to be entirely different.

In addition to these features, the laptops are also rumoured to have Intel Centrino 2 Chips, with somewhat wider screen sizes of 14-inch and 15.6-inch.

Rumour mills about Apple’s new product are incessantly buzzing, since Apple CFO, Peter Oppenheimer’s announcement of launching new line of technologically superior products, in company’s conference, few weeks ago.

However, the market is soon expecting another bang from the Macbook manufacturer, after the incredible iPhone.