The old credit card switcheroo - watch out in restaurants

It seems that, once a credit or debit card has been totally zapped by its issuer and the card can never be used again, there's still a value in the criminal community by dishing it for use in the old card switcheroo trick.

The trick, which has started appearing in the US, is for crooked waiters to give another card from the relevant issuer to the diner in a restaurant who signs the slip and pops the card back into their wallet or purse.

Most diners are, of course, more concerned with the bill and checking it's correct, than the security of their card.

This is what happened to a restaurant diner in Philadelphia recently, judging from a finance column in one of the papers.

By the time the punter realised what has happened, around $600 of charges had been racked up on his card.

Nasty stuff. But it shows how the crims are getting more ingenious with their card fraud modus operandi...

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