Robots Show Feelings after British scientists start new era in android technology

“Imagine sharing your emotions with someone who needs servicing instead of medical check-ups”; the statement looks valid with the development of ‘Emotibots’, which is currently displayed in London Science Museum.

British scientists have somewhat succeeded in infusing emotions into machines, and developed ‘Heart Robots’ that shows emotional response to human actions on them.

The robot has a heart analogous to human heart, whose beats rises with shakes and slows down with cool treatment; moreover, it shows response to touch through its eyes.

Emotibot is developed by Bristol Robotics Laboratory, which includes sensors that are responsible for its reactions to human actions.

The robot is said to find a wide scope of use in hospitals and toy-industry.

In addition to Heart Robot, the museum also displayed a six-legged insect like robot, “ic Hexapod”, that follows human faces, and even clicks photographs, when stared for a long time.

London Science Museum is holding a free exhibition which ends today.